I’ll Admit It, I Was Wrong

I’m stupid. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the worst. You’re very good-looking. I’m not attractive. –Happy Gilmore/Twig


Last year I wrote that it was time to fire Mike Babcock. The Wings had a good team, but I felt that they were underachieving. Nyquist getting few minutes while Bertuzzi played with Pav. Emmerton’s line taking all the offensive zone draws after an icing call. Years of hard-working veteran players being scratched to make room for unprepared rookies in pressure situations, then scratching hard-charging rookies in place of the mummified remains of Dan Cleary. The team seemed to be going through the motions and so did Babs. It was all maddening and I hoped that a change behind the bench would light a fire. I still knew that Babs was a great coach, I just felt that maybe the team was shutting him out.



Babcock (And Nyquist) dragged this team into the playoffs. Every time a quality player went down and a kid from across state showed up to replace him, Babcock made it work. He put Jurco on the top line right away and it paid off. He gave Tatar the minutes he wanted and he cashed in on the scoreboard. If anyone else was coaching this team, they wouldn’t have earned the right to get the 5 game spanking that they needed.

Babcock is the coach of the year, regardless of who gets handed the Jack Adams.

Now, this new-found adoration for Babs is only good as long as he’s successful. I’m a Red Wings fans, not a Babcock fan. Keep winning, coach. And thanks.



I once said that losing Hudler to Russia was no big deal because we had Ville Leino.

I once suggested the Wings try to trade Nyquist for Bobby Ryan straight up and if the Ducks say yes, piss our pants in joy.

I once said the Red Wings should scratch Z and give more playing time to Sean Avery (2003).

I once said “BOOOOOOOOOOOO” whenever Mike Vernon was scored on (Spring 1997).

Point is, I’m an idiot sometimes. If you’re honest, maybe you are, too.